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Our Achievements: 

Population Health


To support effective delivery of immunisation programs and increase general awareness of immunisation across our region, our SA Immunisation Hub:

  • provided 8 dedicated immunisation workshops for local immunisation providers

  • responded to 765 immunisation enquiries

  • distributed over 10, 000 of our immunisation children’s books ‘Lulu, Dixie and Curly Have a Good Day’

Lulu book 3.jpg
Lulu book 2.jpg

Our commissioned Champion Nurse Immunisation Program (CNIP) provided over 500 episodes of support across the Adelaide region. This ranged from providing direct mentoring to nurses new to immunisation program delivery, facilitating cold chain management education for providers, supporting students and families new to Australia with vaccination, and providing guidance for vaccine hesitant parents

Living with persistent pain can be debilitating, however with the right support and care team, individuals can learn to better understand their chronic pain and improve their quality of life.


This year, the multi-disciplinary team at our commissioned Living Well with Persistent Pain program supported 126 people via delivery of 48 education sessions.


Following these sessions participants went on to receive over 1,000 episodes of care with allied health professionals, helping them to regain function and improve the quality of their lives.


Asthma Australia, in partnership with Lung Foundation Australia, continued to deliver our commissioned Adelaide Respiratory Health Project. This project supported general practices and pharmacies with 51 training and education sessions supporting these providers with management of asthma and COPD, inhaler device techniques, spirometry, PENCAT, QUIT skills and motivational interviewing.


Our website – a free online directory of Adelaide after hours medical services - continued to be a popular resource for local community – supporting over 3500 sessions across the year. The triage-style front page supported those visiting the site to first consider the level of care needed and then supported their searches for suitable medical services open near to them (be that immediately or in the future).

Afterhours physical brochure.png

At the end of 2018, over 48,000 after hours community awareness flip charts were distributed to households across the city of Port Adelaide Enfield region – detailing general practices, pharmacies and dental services in the local area as well as information about emergency services and self-care tips. Evaluations showed this resource was well received with 90% of people intending to keep the flipchart and over 80% reporting that the flipchart had provided them with new information.  

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