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Our Achievements:

Mental Health

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To improve mental health outcomes of young people at risk of mild to moderate mental illness, we continue to be responsible for contracting 4 headspace Centres (part of the Primary Platform) across the Adelaide region.


Last year, our headspace Centres supported over 3700 young people, providing nearly 14,394 occasions of service

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Together, our commissioned primary mental health care service providers delivered over 69,000 service contacts. Approximately 8000 people were supported, many of whom showed demonstrable improvements in their health outcomes.                                                 

We are also responsible for one headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program (hYEPP) centre, which provides early intervention, responsive, and recovery focused care for young people at high risk of or experiencing a first episode of psychosis.


Across the last year, our hYEPP Centre supported over 200 young people



In response to an identified need for mental health support in the after hours period and our dedication to implementing more person centred approaches to care, we commissioned two new primary mental health care services.


  • The Lived Experience Telephone Support Service, a peer-led after hours telephone service providing non-clinical mental health information, launched Oct 1 2018 and provided 3185 service contacts across the year.

  • The Walk In After Hours Service provides assessment, support and referral services for adults experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. This new service has to date provided 92 service contacts to 69 people.

In line with a Commonwealth directive, we have continued to collaborate with the SA Mental Health Commission, Local Health Networks (LHN), and other regional stakeholders to develop a Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan.


The aim of this plan is to develop service delivery pathways which are integrated, target need along a stepped care continuum and meet local health priorities.


Ultimately, the plan will deliver improved outcomes and experiences of care for people and their carers as they move from one sector to another and back again. It emphasises practical solutions and actions that will bring about real change in the way services are coordinated and delivered, and specifies clear roles and responsibilities for these actions.


The Plan will be available in June 2020.

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