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Get Screened and Get on with Living 
A new collaborative approach to promoting cancer screening in SA

A successful partnership between Adelaide PHN, Country SA PHN, Cancer Council SA and SA Health saw the creation and launch of the Get Screened and Get on with Living campaign. First of its kind, this campaign promotes the three national cancer screening programs - breast, bowel, and cervix - in a combined message. Contrary to the common fear-based messages seen in previous cancer screening campaigns, our campaign frames cancer screening as an achievable task that once accomplished, means people can get on with celebrating life. 


The cornerstone of the campaign, a digital video featuring Trevor a Sue, was developed in collaboration with advertising guru James Rickard and the campaign partners in an effort to increase cancer screening awareness and participation. The video was used for promotion on catch up television, social media and other digital platforms. Dance was used as a visual hook to bring the message to life.  


A radio advert was also created and played on mainstream and community stations across the state. 


We utilised our established partnerships with local community organisations and general practices to further distribute campaign posters and materials. 


The campaign was tailored for specific audiences when needed, in one iteration we adapted the messaging around breast screening to increase accessibility for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse audiences.  


Campaign outcomes:

  • 306,011 impressions across social media reaching 69,514 people 

  • 1,117,629 impressions across targeted digital advertising

  • 157,566 impressions across catch up television

  • 476 General Practice Information Kits were distributed across the Adelaide region by our practice facilitators

  • In a large 2019 survey (PHSMS), 15% of respondents who had recalled cancer screening advertisements specifically remembered Get Screened advertising 

Get Screened Packs 2.jpg

The Get Screened and Get on with Living campaign will continue to be rolled out and was a great example of how collaboration can support new approaches to promoting health across our region.


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