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Our Achievements:



In February 2019, Adelaide PHN commissioned Neami National and Life Without Barriers to deliver the National Psychosocial Support Measure (NPSM) in the Adelaide metropolitan region.


This followed extensive consultations including 2 face-to-face session with 25 people who were currently accessing supports; and 2 online surveys for people accessing services, their carers and service providers. This canvassed the views of 119 people.

In the coming year, we look forward to seeing this program support people living with complex and/or chronic mental health conditions to access trained peer or community rehabilitation support workers, improve their health and wellness, and live their lives to their full potential.


Since the commencement of the NPSM program there have been some great outcomes for people with psychosocial disability:



1 person re-learned to access public transport and now can access their community



1 person was supported to improve their physical health and has now joined a gym



1 has been able to connect to a housing provider and is now living independently and looking forward to learning skills in managing their own household


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