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Our Achievements:

Digital Health


Our practice support team responded to 4,148 primary health care enquiries and provided 1328 face to face visits to support primary health care providers.  Our dedicated team strive to support primary health care providers, facilitating access to relevant resources and training, and implementing quality improvement initiatives across the Adelaide region.

We increased the number of digitally enabled practices in our region by providing 199 practices with fully subsidised PenCS software. This software allows practices to better analyse their data to enable targeted clinical interventions and supports the right care, at the right time, in the right place.


To support allied health providers, build capacity and drive efficiencies, we provided fully subsidised 12 month licenses to the clinical information system MasterCare+.


We increased security of patient data and facilitated timely transfer of health information between providers by supporting access to the Secure Messaging Platform ReferralNet.

Indian Doctor with Patient Looking at Ip

With a dedicated team supporting the expansion period of the My Health record (MyHR), the 18/19 year saw us provide 248 primary health care provider visits and 127 community education sessions about the MyHR.



My Health Record.jpg

With the opt-out period for MyHR ending 31 Jan 2019, the work of our MyHR team saw high engagement of the Adelaide primary health care sector. In the Adelaide region, 95% of practices and 95% of pharmacies are registered with MyHR.


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