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Consulting and Engaging with our Health Community
The Readiness for Integration Symposium and Round Table Workshops

We facilitate consultations and engagement activities with a broad range of primary health care stakeholders to better understand the health needs of our region and foster genuine involvement in our work. Two such activities from across the year are highlighted below:

The Readiness for Integration Symposium
Held in March 2019, this Symposium saw us engage with over 60 health professionals from a diverse range of organisations including: Australian Refugee Council, SA Health, Health Consumer Alliance of SA, and Drug and Alcohol Services SA (DASSA). 


The goal of the Symposium was to identify specific issues and actions for five health priority areas and to identify ways to work more collaboratively towards person centred, integrated care across our region.

Presentations were followed by a workshop where delegates were guided to identify measurable and actionable goals over the next six months. 


Read more about the Symposium and identified actions in the report on our website’s Membership Documents Page.


Round Table Workshops
Between November 2018 and May 2019, we held 3 intensive GP Round Table Workshops with 36 GPs and Practice Managers.

Adopting Enzyme Methodology, these workshops provided a forum for GPs to openly discuss and identify the issues affecting delivery of primary care across our region, the ways in which our organisation could better support local practices, and the opportunities available to enhance the relationship between primary and acute care.

Following the success of these workshops and to commence our response to one of the top four issues identified in these workshops – to improve the perceived ‘poor relationship’ between acute and primary care – we began a new partnership with the Adelaide region Local Health Networks (LHNs). 

In June 2019, in partnership with the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), we ran the first of three 
GP and Hospital Consultant Round Table Workshops. This first workshop saw 11 consultants and 5 GPs come together to brainstorm opportunities for improvement and identify issues affecting the working relationship between acute and primary care providers.  

Find the individual and collated results from these Round Tables events via the ‘Our Consultations’ page on our website.  

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