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Chair Summary

It is with a great deal of pride, sense of satisfaction and a keen focus on continued quality improvement, collaboration and integration that we commence our fifth year of operations as the Adelaide Primary Health Network!

board member dr nick vlachoulis(2).png

Dr Nick Vlachoulis

Adelaide PHN Board Chair

Our Annual Report and dinner provides us with a fantastic opportunity to look back over the year, reflect on the challenges and update our membership and community on our achievements. This includes the outcomes we have achieved together, as we work side by side to improve your experience of the health system – either as a primary health care provider or as a community member. The key milestones that show increased access, increased equity, greater levels of collaboration and integration.

Of course much is left to be done, but we have definitely made a difference and you can explore these achievements in this annual report or via the printable summary of our achievements here 

Our hardworking membership, with our three Clinical Councils, four Community Advisory Councils, Health Priority Network, Network Leadership Group, and our Membership Advisory Council continue to contribute new and emerging needs to our Needs Assessment, to assist us with co design of solutions, review of services and raise vital issues for advocacy. This year our focus is on targeted partnerships, ensuring we have meaningful relationships with our stakeholders who can work collaboratively with us to co design and implement much needed solutions.

We know that all organisations and businesses need to keep their doors open and will need different levels of support and assistance to achieve the high quality, easy to navigate services that are truly collaborative and integrated. We know that everyone has the person's experience and all round wellbeing at the core of what they do – our aim is to work with you to ensure our health system is easier to navigate, accessible and providing high quality, highly collaborative and integrated services. 

PHNs receive around $60 million to do this work – the vast majority of which is passed on entirely to service delivery.  Clearly, we cannot fix everything, and we rely on our Needs Assessment process to highlight where we should focus. Crucial to building health as a collaborative and integrated system are the partnerships – working together, co designing, co funding and co resourcing activity.  We continue to work hard at those relationships with SA Health and the individual Local Health Networks (LHNs) – with some great achievements in some areas but much more work needs to be done to ensure that we really do shift the focus from saving dollars inside the LHNs to how we can all contribute to keeping people well and out of hospital.

Last but by no means least, we would like to thank our wonderful, expert staff for the fabulous work they do – working in an ever changing environment and always managing to exceed expectations whilst managing those of our stakeholders! Our Board continues to provide strategic oversight alongside being ready champions in promoting the work that we do. As always, we would like to thank every one of you, our stakeholders across the Adelaide metropolitan region. You individually and collectively are the reason we are here and your ongoing positivity, passion and commitment to our community drives us to achieve!

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