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Our Achievements: 


(Culturally & Linguistically Diverse)

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Refugees and newly arrived people are often living with complex and chronic health conditions and can require more nuanced support when managing these conditions in an unfamiliar health system.



Our commissioned Refugee and New Arrivals Project received 302 referrals across the year and supported better access to primary health care services through the provision of refugee health nurses and other bilingual, bicultural staff.



Our Survivors of Torture and Trauma Service provided 357 face to face client appointments and the Australia Refugee Association provided 363 face to face contacts.

We built capacity and supported the provision of culturally appropriate care, tailored to the specific health needs of those with refugee backgrounds, by providing 52 professional development activities to 18 local practices.



In April 2019, we supported the Australian Refugee Association Inc to hold a Healthy Living Expo in northern Adelaide which attracted a large crowd including lots of newly arrived and multicultural communities. The event was supported by over 25 health care service providers who engaged with attendees about family health, preventing and managing diseases, and navigating the local health care system.


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