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Our Achievements: 

Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Together, our commissioned alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment services provided 3,030 closed episodes of treatment across the 18/19 period.

Over 40% of people seeking support through our AOD commissioned services for their own drug use completed treatment.

Our AOD services offered a range of treatment options: 62% of treatment episodes supported clients primarily through counselling, 23% by assessment, and 7 % by case management.


Methamphetamine was the principal drug of concern for people seeking support across our AOD commissioned services, making up 33% of all treatment episodes. Alcohol accounted for 26%, Cannabis 18%, Amphetamines 9% and Heroin 5%.

The MATRIX Program, our commissioned intensive outpatient addiction recovery initiative, supported 132 people through group-based, structured education and cognitive behaviour therapy for methamphetamine and IV heroin use.

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Across the year, 13 group programs were delivered by trained psychologists and co-facilitated by recovered peers with lived experience.

This unique program has achieved high success rates since being introduced into the Australian AOD treatment landscape by Adelaide PHN two years ago. Approximately 70% of participants have achieved abstinence at completion of the 20 week program, and approximately 50% maintained abstinence at 12 months.


Our new AOD commissioned service – the Aboriginal Post-Release Pathways Project - provided comprehensive, culturally appropriate support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the criminal justice system.


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In the last 6 months, the program supported 26 people and saw significant reductions in drug use and increases in AOD abstinence following release from prison. Initial evaluation suggests longer-term health, social and recidivism outcomes will be achieved.


To build the capacity of primary health care providers and professionals across the AOD sector, we delivered 6 AOD education sessions. Sessions ranged in topic from managing patients with an addiction, codeine up-scheduling and alcohol screening options.


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